Best Reality Shows of 2016

There is something about reality shows that makes it fun to watch. It may be because of the extensive drama put into it, or because of how people can relate to the situations. Or, it can be just plain hilarious and entertaining to watch. Either way, these reality shows are a great way to reduce stress and laugh the problems away. There have been many reality television shows popping up this year, with different genres that still are very interesting and hilarious at the same time. You’ll even be able to find one suitable to your interests! From lifestyle, cooking, or business, television networks have got it all for us. So here are the best reality shows of 2016!

Best Reality Shows of 2016

With the many reality shows being aired in local television networks, it’s hard to choose which one to watch. So based on ratings and reviews, here are the best of the best this year:



Survivor is basically a group of people stuck in an island passing through obstacles and contests in order to win. They work as a team, yet they will need to end up eliminating themselves along the way, depending on who’s the weakest of the group and needs to be kicked out. It’s intense, which is what makes it so fun to watch.

The Bachelor


With a cute single guy every season looking for their one true love, it’s no surprise why this ends up being one of the most popular reality shows to watch! The bachelor is introduced to beautiful women of different personalities, taking them on dates until he sees who the one suitable for him is.

The Voice


Everyone has heard of The Voice! With millions of people auditioning to earn a spot in the competitions, you’ll find talented singers (and not so talented ones!) show their voice off the world in hopes of becoming the next singing sensation. Not only are the talented voices that make it so popular, but it’s hilarious watching those broken voices as well, as mean as that sounds!

Keeping Up With The Kardashians


You’re probably aware of the Kardashians and their absolutely luxurious lifestyle. Well now, you’re able to follow it! It’s been a long running show, with the youngest Jenners growing up in front of the cameras. Here, you’ll witness all the problems, drama, and laughter the family comes through. Plus, getting a taste of their rich and lavish lifestyle makes it pretty fun to watch!

All in all

These reality television shows are made for amusement and entertainment, so there’s no need to take it seriously! Have fun and follow your favorite actors and actresses as they go through life or compete their way to championships in contests. You’ll be able to find all these reality shows aired in your local television network, or you can even stream it online if you don’t have the time. Have fun and unwind with your favorite reality show today!