My Favorite Television Shows

There are millions of people who depend on TV for daily entertainment. Whether you’re looking for action, comedy, or even a mix of any, you’ll get it! There is no limit as to what you want to watch, and what’s cool about TV is that you have the option to explore different cultures and perspectives from different television shows worldwide. You can either watch it on television, or you can even stream it online. Either way, you’ll have fun watching these many television shows whether you’re at home or are traveling. It reduces stress and entertains people of all ages. If you are having trouble choosing a good television series to watch, here are some of my favorite television shows for you to check out!

Based on my experience and dozens of reputable reviews, I rate these as the best television shows:



FRIENDS is one of the best sitcoms that ever been produced! It’s about the life of a group of friends living in New York facing different comical situations in routine. You’ll get to see how they survive in a fast paced city. You’ll find romance and drama, and hordes of hilarious situations they will land in. It’s definitely a must watch!

  1. How I Met Your Mother

This one is similar to FRIENDS but set in a more modern tone, it’s about a group of friends living in New York. It’s filled with a lot of comedy and romance as you see characters grow and find love. You’ll have a great laugh with the funny antics the characters go through.

  1. Modern Family


Modern Family is a mockumentary of a diverse family. This is another show in the genre of comedy and drama together. You’ll open your eyes to different cultures and perspectives in life. From gay parents to divorced couples, and even the normal American family, you’ll be tickled by the hilarity of this show. You will love watching this sitcom with your own family as well!

  1. NCIS

This is a comedy and action-packed show where a group of investigators solves mysteries of Navy soldiers’ deaths. It can be serious, but with the characters, you’ll be entertained with the light humor sense they have. Definitely a must-watch for those who enjoy the action.

  1. CSI: Miami


You’ll definitely love Horatio and his infamous sunglasses as you watch this! It’s got a lot of mystery and action. You will be engaged as you will try to figure out who the culprit of the crime is. The amazing screen setting will make you appreciate the beauty of Miami as well.

The main idea

These television shows are made to entertain and reduce stress. Whether you’re a student or professional coming back home tired and looking for something entertaining and fun to watch, you’ll have a good watch with these television shows. So what are you waiting for? Check these shows out and see if they’ll be your next favorite, too!