Where Should I Place My Sound Bar?

Instead of watching movies at movie theaters every next picture, some people prefer to simply stay at home and watch movies in their living rooms. With Blu-ray DVDs and HBO Premium, who says that preparing popcorn and turning off your lights would not give you fun and exciting movie experience? Well, everything will go perfectly with soundbara wide screen TV and sound bar in your own living room. This experience is perfect for family bonding, chilling out with friends or dating with your loved ones, but first you need to give the perfect ambiance which we can achieve, with the help of the location of the sound bar.

Basically, our living room is either a square or soundbar aboverectangular room- well of course with four corners. Inside this four corners of the room, is a sofa or a couch and the screen in front of it- obviously. Now with this setup, you will wonder where to place your sound bar and all other devices that will co-help in giving you the best movie experience inside your own living room. So, upon setup, you need to prepare everything that you want to connect to your TV because this may cause a little difference with the sound setup since we are talking about sound waves here. Or if ever you are planning to connect more devices in the near future then this is possible as long as you adjust the sound bar output for every new addition.soundbar mount

So, with the basic living room setup– a sofa and a TV in front of it- the best place to put your sound bar is horizontally aligned with the TV. So that the sound waves will go directly to the audience- which is in front of it. Or if ever it can fit under the television or any flat surface near the TV (like the shelf or anything like that) then feel free to do so. Some sound bars also come with an extra feature wherein you can attach it on the walls- which will save you a lot more space if you want to. If this is possible, then you can place the sound bar right under the TV. The good thing about such a setup is that you can feel much more immersed in the action of movies and TV series. And the magic that the sound bar brings to help with this is the integrated sound sound system with surround sound systems.

Here is a question I still don’t know the answer: What it best soundbars manufacturer? Please comment below with your suggestions!